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This blog hasn’t seen the light of either for a while.

Here’s why:

After today I have 3 days (or I guess 5, but who would go so far for a pointless 1hr Friday lecture) of uni. I have 4 major assignments due.

One part of one is due Monday, the other parts and two others are due next Friday and the last is gracefully due in study week – meaning do it before or do it when you are meant to be prepping for exams.

I have two exams (which really isn’t a lot). One of which should be a breeze, one of which could prove to require some acrobatics – as the lecturer refuses to give out lecture slides and as far as I know very minimal information on the exam. I’m not sure how right this is, how legal/moral blah de blah. We theorise on it (if theorise is even a word) and have had ear to many a conversation not leaning favorably in his direction. Nevertheless, I have tracked down the slides and shall have to be proactive about working out what’s going to be on the thing. Ie. know everything. Not possible.

So. Viral Marketing – no longer a problem
Prototyping – 50% done (left to do: model to make + lots of words to write)
Animatic – 40% done (left to do: 8 images + words)
PHP Database Re: Website Forms – 50%ish done (more forms to make work) – this is still the doozer.

My triumph of the day was tackling a good chunk of the most daunting of the lot: 104 Assignment – I sucessfully crash coursed myself in php and databases and it worked. I don’t really clearly know all the ins and outs but not bad for a days effort. I went in with absoloutely no idea of how to do it after a semester of supposedly having learnt it. A prime example of this quality education system. I treated myself to lunch.

Huw and I celebrated the realisation of only one more real week of ever returning to Deakin. And depending on whether we both get into our respective courses, should be at the same Swinburne campus next year! I have also found out out that Dave (yits) will be there’ish if he gets into circus.

I am excited too much about not continuing this course, but I will miss the people. They’re a good bunch and I feel like I’m just starting to get to know them well.

I realise that I never got around to finishing off some thoughts on ‘Dark and Light’ (it was a post half written) so perhaps you can look forward to that.


Until these things are knocked on the head with the meanest last minute mallet I can find. No extensive posts.

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  1. said:

    ahh… the joys of last minute uni work hey…

    i have discovered that i can handle 2 subjects very well. a pity that this isnt full time work load. sigh 😛

    i have a 2500 word essay due tomorrow. i havent really researched it. i have all day for it. 50 words an hour, for 5 hours will do the job, and i already have 100 words in 15 minutes.

    and then i only have one journal and one other essay, both due on the 2nd of november…

    see, 2 subjects is good…

    got to make centrelink realise that 😛

    good luck with all your work…

    October 12, 2006

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