Finis #1

Exam #1 is OVER!!!!

I’m pretty confident I passed. Whoopdedoo!

Had a seat smack bang in the middle of a massive massive gym full of well… a lot of tables.

Multiple choice was easy as anything, the essay bit x4 were all answerable and the middle section was… well I probably filled that with a fair bit of, ‘yeah I really don’t know what’s going on’ BUT I know I will have gotten some marks for it and hey – enough to pass. I left a little bit early probably with about 25mins to spare. I had some kind of answer in for everything, (Which is my absolute intended minimum for any exam, no exceptions).

Ended up getting the train home with Chris M and dropping him at his place. Wow that boy can talk.
Now to adjourn to a social life and sleep until Monday where the study must begin again.

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