Look both ways before you cross the street into next

kiteYesterday was an odd insight into what was.

About seven of the 2005 YITS crew (including myself) returned to Tabor to brief the current Year in the Son’ers on what happens after you “miraculously” come up to the air of the real world. I personally think that a fraction too much drama is made of the whole deal but it is an important process for the facilitators and students. Then again, I had a fairly easy run and I think that moving on is just another step in living.

We sat as a panel and got grilled (although not very aggressively). It was really quite an odd group of people that showed up.

To be thoroughly selfish, I’m not sure if I really went very much at all to impart any wisdom or experience, there must have been some of that there.

I found through what Rowan was talking about and the issues that came up from stories of my friend’s ‘first year out’ that I got a bit of a kick up the butt regarding all manner of things that I could’ve been much more smart about.

Much of this has to do with the current idea that I’ve wasted a fair chunk of the year. I am less discouraged than I am encouraged. There is time to reassess and contemplate how to address it all very differently.

Time, money, goals, relationships, justice and all those extra things. They should INTENTIONALLY come into play.

It is lazy for you to give them an odd thought and odd action and hope (at best) for more to come along.

So in the ‘looking forward’ theme of my previous post, it’s since been highlighted that it is valuable to take a glance backwards to see what you’ve accidentally left behind in the madness to claw away from it and onwards ahead.

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