WordPress Issues

I have come across a problem with this blog.

If you happen to be trawling the archives, you can only go back to a previous page once, maybe twice. To access older posts you have to manually insert a higher page number into the URL. This is annoying me, it’s as if the posts don’t exist.

Likewise, if you click a category, it displays 2 maybe 3 posts and gives you no ‘previous post’ options. Frustrating!

You cannot separate the ‘display x amount of pages’ in your archives from the number of posts you display as ‘new’ – which for the sake of loading and neatness, I’d like to keep to a minimum. If this wasn’t a linked setting then I’d simply adopt, ‘display an entire months worth’ for the archives.

Any fixes anyone? I’m fairly sure it has to do with the template I use but there’s got to be some way to change it.

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  1. said:

    Get Geoff to fix it. That’s what he’s for isn’t it?

    November 17, 2006

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