Probably not an optimist

shoes.jpgI’ve been without a camera for a good while now and after borrowing Geoff’s for a few days, I’m pretty desperate to start working my way towards one again. Then there are all these other things in the way… moving out. That is something high on the agenda.

Photography is a hobby and probably will remain only at that level. I’d love to work with it for a bit and then there’s the old dream job that never quite evolved… photo journalism. I think part of me would hate to be constrained through a contract. Taking unique photographs isn’t easy. People today are so thingy about being photographed (People photographs have a lot of scope…) I love details. Macro photography, Portrait type photography.

I haven’t gotten my Communication Design Interview date yet. I’ve been chasing the postbox. I should get a letter regardless of whether my ‘sample folio’ was good enough or not. It was supposedly meant to be here yesterday. My sister’s friend is in the same boat. Same course, same delay.

I fit some photography in during this year. It was the best bit of uni and strictly elective based. The Communication Design course does have some photography built into the structure but there is not quite as much flexibility for taking electives across faculties.

If/When I get an interview there will be a slightly panicked moment or 43 about how non-diverse my work is. My folio (when I pull it all together) consists mainly of photography and digital art (mostly from photographs with a few exceptions). I haven’t drawn anything since I was about 15 and the most recent thing I’ve painted is the picture at the top (last night at the Youth Group Art night).

Oh well, I guess I’ll meet that lion when it comes my way.

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