Ah it’s curious how you come across things that are oh-so-relevant.

“John Bevere says that expectations are the breeding ground for an offense. I think this is true. When someone does not meet our expectations we build a case in our minds based on our disappointment in them. Sometimes our expectations are unspoken and our offenses are also unspoken. Well, we might tell others how someone let us down but we don’t often talk to the person. But, if and when we do, we let them know how disappointed we are in them and how they let us down. Perhaps this game of expectations is really about us and not about what the other person did. Thus needing to look inside before telling others or that person how disappointed we are…” (Lori Boucher)

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How true this is.

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By way of posting something today (as anything overtly interesting has not yet come up) I am going to point out some of the blog posts I’ve ‘Starred’ in Google Reader over the past month or so. So you get a list of stuff that’s made me think. I get a reference point and can clear the space up for more ‘good reads’.

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