bottle.jpgI have written about the household fridge previously. The cause this time is not because it has again gone feral. Infact quite the opposite, the fridge is getting frequently cleaned, namely because we’re on our third for the past two weeks.

The current fridge simply disobeys the thermostat. The photo is of what happened to glass water bottle. The frozen explosive arrangement was pretty spectacular!


contented.gifYesterday I completed the expensive business of getting new lenses put in my glasses. Now I can more safely drive when I don’t happen to be wearing the contacts. It’s a sorry fact that once your eyes start (and they probably were always bad – I blame the genes) that they really only get worse. Mine are down to a shocking -6.0 and -6.5. If I could afford laser treatment I probably would – but who has a spare $4,000 or so lying around?

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