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Let me point you towards this. The Fight. This guy (Adrian Rowse) and his wife used to be youth pastors at my last church, he also started which I have been involved in for several years now. He’s doing some fantastic stuff on a different plane now through Roundabout Ministries, I have friends who’ve been positively influenced and changed by it. Very worth youth pastors (and others) checking this out!

“Our generation is sex-saturated. Whether we seek it out or not, porn is in our faces, on our TV screens, billboards, magazines, everywhere.
Gone are the days where it was hard to get your hands on porn. You don’t have to go into an adult store any longer. 400+million pages of porn of all varieties is available online at the click of a button. And with the continuing technology boom, the next big thing is mobile porn, porn in your pocket. Porn use is totally acceptable and normal for this generation. One 22 year old said, I watch porn as often as I eat breakfast.

But there is another standard to which we’re called.

The Fight is a 30 day devotional journey for Christian guys that tackles the issues of pornography, sexual purity and pursuing a passionate and dynamic friendship with God. The Fight contains 2.5 hours of inspirational and biblical teaching and testimonies on DVD, that will equip you with strategies and tools for:



  1. said:

    Hmm interesting… but I’m not sure its ballanced – the idea of replacing an addiction to pornography with an addiction to a hyped lifestyle in religious pop-culture just doesn’t seem positive to me. Might be a misreading but The Fight had such a pretty christian-pop site that I couldn’t see the truth in between the cliches. Of course that doesn’t mean its not there.

    At the end of the day, the only thing that should replace an addiction to porn is an emotionally stable and healthy approach to self esteem and sexuality in both self and others.

    Someone can’t healthily both compulsively observe people behaving like bunnies, and grasp the idea that intimacy and relationship are the most healthy and satisfying way to live. The grip of one precludes the other.

    Likewise when people have healthy and ballanced friendships with the kind of people they are sexually attracted to… it tends to negate the desire to behave like rabits. People who care about eachother know that it ends in tears… christian or otherwise. Humans are not wired like rabits.

    Of course having a strong sense of faith and values can be foundational to that… but honestly to me it seems to be more closely linked to the fact that faith provides a foundation for realising the beauty and inspiration in people and in intimacy, and cherrishing that, rather than in some legalistic desire to observe moral standards.

    I think the idea of anyone being ‘sexually pure’ is a nonsense. Jesus said effectively “if you look lustfully you are guilt of adultery”. Purity is a myth… and one that is INCREDIBLY destructive to christian young people. Health and Ballance are the key words we should aim to use.

    Sorry to rant. May or may not be a little passionate about this topic. :o)


    November 27, 2006
  2. said:

    yes. the website doesn’t tell all and what you’ve said “emotionally stable and healthy approach to self esteem and sexuality in both self and others.” is I think, pretty much what it’s on about – but hey advertising can let things down and against one very big cynic I know (and I can only say that because I am one myself), it holds little hope ;)… really I don’t know where you get some of your ideas from, you do make some massive assumptions sometimes Tim.

    November 27, 2006

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