Regarding Hmmm Pie

jolly crocI’m still not quite sure what came over me last night in giving away my secret hand-lust (freak out and leave now!)… anyway disregarding that and proceeding somewhat more normally:

From the other end of my glorious, silly brainwave, I can now claim that ‘pie night’ was a roaring success!

Very happy with the outcome, sure a few minor cooking glitches but people hardly noticed (best of all me) I was having too much fun!

I think I might take to saying, “As happy as a croc with a lawnmower” there’s something absurdly appealing about it (alternatively I’ll just get a little more sleep)!

“More on thanksgiving as an informal-mantra (not the holiday) tomorrow and why I had to recant this morning for being a horrible cynic…”


  1. said:

    you keep stealing my images!

    November 30, 2006

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