And My Next Excuse

vegthanks.pngWell it appears that I really shouldn’t make rash promises about posting on a particular topic as I don’t seem to be very good at following through.

Today’s excuse – I spent my time further compiling my folio for my interview on Friday. I’m getting more pleased with it as I go on. Double sided tape is the worlds best invention since the toilet. I have a few more pages to put together and some short titles and explanations, but I should be all set.

As for not getting to this, well, I had far better things to do! Geoff and I went out for tea and then I ended up tagging along to Andrew and Cathy Day’s place as he was showing them some WordPress skills for the website of the church they pastor – Mountain District Vineyard. It was good fun helping (a bit) and chatting!

So I take it back about letting you know about what I had to recant about and you may or may not ever find out. You might just have to live with the short version.

“I am a cynic and I was proven wrong”

…but you’d probably already worked that one out!

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