The Prestige

1021hugh.jpgLast night Geoff and I went and saw The Prestige. Stunning movie! Even if I was fractionally confused by the end and soon frustrated about an assumption you have to make at the conclusion. I won’t give it away…

Very pleased I got to see this one. If you’re overly obsessive about little birds keeping their lives, don’t see it. If you’ll be extremely scarred from seeing some slightly disturbing images don’t see it. Otherwise, if you are about 15+ do see it. Worth your money.

I had a poke on Plugged In to see if they’d squash it flat (as they tend to do and to be honest, I only usually look there for a laugh), but it seems they actually gave it a fair trot. Have a read.

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  1. Yes this was a fantastic movie.

    Caused many discussion after with my mate over our dinner, and it did get me some what frustrated

    December 5, 2006

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