First Phrase

I post there occasionally, this was one of my ‘originals’ by way of blogging. A dumping ground for thoughts of other people (mostly wiser than myself) so it’s got a few gold quotes in a collection that is infinitely expandable.

I realised just today that I didn’t even bother linking there from here so I’ve remedied that.

Like Read and Blue, I’ve pulled it out of Blogger and into WordPress and had a bit of fun designing a girlyish/vintagey template for it. I am miffed that the template that I used to base the design on doesn’t support widgets, so I guess I shall make myself learn how to do that. It will undoubtedly be fiddly but really probably highly beneficial.

So please visit:

First Phrase

and if you have any wonderful pieces of advice by way of quote, please leave them lying around conspicuously.

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