I post there occasionally, this was one of my ‘originals’ by way of blogging. A dumping ground for thoughts of other people (mostly wiser than myself) so it’s got a few gold quotes in a collection that is infinitely expandable.

I realised just today that I didn’t even bother linking there from here so I’ve remedied that.

Like Read and Blue, I’ve pulled it out of Blogger and into WordPress and had a bit of fun designing a girlyish/vintagey template for it. I am miffed that the template that I used to base the design on doesn’t support widgets, so I guess I shall make myself learn how to do that. It will undoubtedly be fiddly but really probably highly beneficial.

So please visit:

First Phrase

and if you have any wonderful pieces of advice by way of quote, please leave them lying around conspicuously.

Blogging General Words

theexuberantdream.jpgAnd Rebecca smites the education system yet again!

So I might just have gotten my acceptance letter for the Bachelor of Communication Design at Swinburne…


No more Interactive Media/Deakin slacking off for me.

Wow, this means I might actually have to put my head down and work a bit next year.

Excellente, now I am in a course that should be what I was after in the first place (just a pity my roving eye didn’t spot one like it sooner) AND there is an Industry Placement year – which actually means I should be employable.

I win.

Ps. No more exams!

General Uni

Last night I went off to my little (middle) sister Emily’s graduation. It was long and boring as crap (feel free to share that information around) and the info booklet belonged in a funeral home – however, it was good to see her complete her schooling life and it really wasn’t all entirely bad.

Of course, yesterday also marked the fearful, ‘results come out’ day. I was woken to screaming. My smarty pant’s little blister has raised the bar for Hannah (who has two years to go) in beating both Laura’s and my score’s. In the 90’s. I personally think she deserved every bit of it and definitely since we continually harp on about her being so vague. Hit us where it hurts…. not that it does. Congratulations Emily – if you even read this.

As far as I know she’s following what I did in heading off for a year at Tabor for Year In the Son before waltzing off to probably whatever uni course she had as her first preference.


birdFor the past few days the four cars that belong to my household – (disgusting really) have been avoiding our driveway. The night I was at Handel’s Messiah a massive branch fell from a clearly rotten tree and would’ve made poor Fred (my car) pulp – thankfully my car was at Geoff’s and not where it is normally parked. Dad sent me a warning text message before I came home… but typically, I didn’t get it and had to move later.

There is currently another rather large branch suspended in between foliage waiting to drop. Dad has tried throwing things and the wind has possibly shuffled it but it isn’t coming down just yet.

So here we remain, having to park on the nature strip until the branch falls and ultimately, the tree is removed.

It’s highly functional, really.

General Life