Waiting for it to fall

birdFor the past few days the four cars that belong to my household – (disgusting really) have been avoiding our driveway. The night I was at Handel’s Messiah a massive branch fell from a clearly rotten tree and would’ve made poor Fred (my car) pulp – thankfully my car was at Geoff’s and not where it is normally parked. Dad sent me a warning text message before I came home… but typically, I didn’t get it and had to move later.

There is currently another rather large branch suspended in between foliage waiting to drop. Dad has tried throwing things and the wind has possibly shuffled it but it isn’t coming down just yet.

So here we remain, having to park on the nature strip until the branch falls and ultimately, the tree is removed.

It’s highly functional, really.

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  1. said:

    I have some rock climbing gear we could probably use to get it down if its an issue. Let me know.


    December 16, 2006

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