For better or worse?

readNow that I’ve entirely freaked out my sister, my parents and my boyfriend with the post title…

Problogger’s latest competition: Reviews and Predictions (and my first entry might I add) has gotten me thinking.

This year was in comparison to last year a rather large flop on quite a few levels – in others well, it won out. I grew up A LOT possibly just through life experience/time/uni, a nice boy appeared on the scene making the good later part of the year well, very good, and I worked out just what I don’t want to be doing with myself for the rest of my life, which does come in handy.

So in looking forward, how might I hope to compare this year with the fast approaching next (or doesn’t tomorrow ever really come?)…

Uni – I started the course that I deferred in favor of Arts/Health – both at the reputable(?) Deakin University. Unfortunately I caught the Bachelor of Interactive Media in it’s infancy – it’s second year and quite obviously it hasn’t quite found it’s feet. I also discovered that the second year of the course draws students heavily into animation, which is a field of torture that I am not willing to put myself through.

What I am doing about this: Complaints with a fellow student led to an application through VTAC and expensive (bah!) folio preparations and over-stress into production resulting in an interview and acceptance into the Bachelor of Communication Design at Swinburne University for 2007.

The Job – I worked in a franchise-bookstore for the first 6 months of the year. It began well and ended in unshed tears. It became a frustrating working environment. I didn’t feel as if I were doing anything useful and came to the conclusion that I really didn’t want to be there – stuck it out for a painful 2 more months and then decided I was being silly and if I was so not-happy I should resign and move on to something that would at least be a little more directional in relation to uni/future career. A good part of my problem was the brilliant 2005 job which paled anything that followed.

What I am doing about this: I’ve ended up working from home with my mum selling kids books/textbooks on eBay. This brings in enough to pay the petrol with a little to spare but doesn’t allow for moving out. I will being job hunting in the New Year. With a resume of 1 years Reception/Admin/Office-girl and 6mths Retail amongst other little things. This is still a daunting task possibly due to my high ideals. I’d love a job where I feel somewhat challenged and get to learn stuff (which is why MBO was so good) and still not fell patronised. I might have to get over myself and settle for stacking shelves, anything to bring in the dough. Why?…

Living at Home – As much as I love my family, there has been the continuing and strengthening desire to move out. I really want out. I like my freedom, I always have. I like non-interference, I like trying new things. I’ve wanted to for a long time now and I’m eternally getting sidetracked about it, money continues to be an issue.

What I am doing about this: The laying of grand plans. I have teed up with a friend of mine, Analise, to aim to be ‘out’ by March 2007. House-sharing with her and/or some others. This means getting a job. Scouring the house my Grandparents are selling for furniture and praying like mad something nearish a train-line out this way comes along.

The Boy Read all about him here. He happened along in July. Bit of a new experience for me and it’s been a fun/challenging ride. I like him even more now than at first! 😛

What I am doing about this: Clearly I intend to keep him around. For those whose speculations lie in setting a date (Ross! Not that you even really read this) it’s still earlyish days and there are Rebecca self-made stipulations (ie: must be at least 21) – please don’t remind me that the big 2-1 happens in April – that’s freakishly soon! We’ll see how things go. I like him a lot, love him even 🙂 and I think he’s the best!

God stuff – It’s been so incredibly different than last year. No more 3 days a week of constant classes of feeding on the ‘wow’ stuff. It’s been slower, taken different turns. It’s had it’s dull/low moments and dare I use the cliched ‘dry times’. It’s also been very rewarding in discovering how things work now that I don’t have that passive input. Journaling took a nose-dive (much to blame on blogging and RSI). Criticism skyrocketed and dipped and plateaued and soared yet again. Patterns of consistency in ‘discipline’ worked better in holidays and yet drew me (and still are) to question how I’m actually doing this thing best and how much time I squander.

What I’m doing about this: Continuing on in reading widely Christian theologians/authors to keep me inspired and fed in that way. Striving to be consistent in reading the Bible/prayer etc. Making time. Using mornings (which is a lot easier in Holidays) as my evenings are now more full.

Church: Well, one went bust so it was new church hunting. Wound up where it’s undoubtedly the church I ever been most at home in. Fantastic group of people. Involved in running youth group. Tend to struggle a bit with the ‘service’ part of it all. Strangely enough. Music/worship often feels flat and then occasionally just clicks – it’s been nice not to be driven mad by ‘showy’ up the front-ness (although hmm… last week felt like it was heading a tiny bit in that direction). Sermons as they do, vary but for the most part have had teachable/encouraging moments. There is a stronger emphasis on the Holy Spirit in this church which I think has been good for me.

What I’m doing about this: Continuing to be involved with the youth (which I really do love), continuing to think about and be a part of the community, hopefully getting to know some of the non-peer people in the church, thinking more about church planting and watching the place come under new-leadership and seeing it grow and be challenged!

Is there anything I’ve missed? And can you deduce my New Years Resolutions now?

2007 is looking up!


  1. said:

    Its a good post and summary of your year bec, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your growth. Thanks

    December 20, 2006
  2. said:

    Very insightful post into your life. I especially like what you wrote about God Stuff and what you are doing about it.

    December 20, 2006
  3. You are a very talented photographer. Thanks for sharing. Good luck and much blessings for 2007.

    December 21, 2006
  4. said:

    This was a great post. 2007 definitely sounds like the year.
    Hopefully you will find the right job and be able to move out. Then it will all be complete!

    Good luck

    December 21, 2006
  5. This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

    June 14, 2007
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