In Praise of Attitude

november.jpgDespite liking hot weather it really does make computers (namely this item the laptop) frustrating to use. Your wrists roast and the mouse gets sweaty and your head (hot) is full of weather clag because you woke up a headache the size of a mountain – complete and utter pain – that possibly has nothing to do with the weather – all to do with late nights, smoke in the air, dehydration, the date, place and era (that’d be girl stuff I can’t talk about on here because of the boys), and maybe there was some vodka in the punch last night, although that’s hardly to blame, any substance abuse belongs to caffeine and caffeine alone.

Yesterday marked the meeting of Naomi and Abraham for dinner with the Burkie and his Beth. Unfortunately last minute changes were made to dinner plans and extra travel time amounted for less conversation time. So Geoff and I ate and left. And that was that. It was good food. Naomi was instantaneously likable and I’m sure her husband is too – but I hardly got the chance to work that out. Thank you for tea Burks and your hospitality and drivings, Beth. It was good – just very sudden.

Why leave fine company so soon?

Well, there was the promise of a spa, tennis court and glorious desert along with some variable (I’m just being honest) but mostly superb company. Company that portions of would’ve had our brains out and mashed if we did not show up somewhere close to on-time. Young Adults Homegroup ‘breakup’ for the year. Held in a secret location – or not.

I was stuffed (as in over-tired), the desert(s+s+s+s) were stunning but perhaps the whole usual flow of the place/people wasn’t quite up to par. Anyway it was a good night. The couch was comfortable. The house owners did turn out to be coffee drinkers. A few of the drifters showed up and most of the ‘regulars’ came.

I was in fine form ie: did I say over-tired (+ bonus sarcasm/complaining)? This may have been contributory to all festivities experienced by my-sweet-self. I think most had a fantastic/very enjoyable evening. If I could do it over – I might have made up my mind to be more sociable and pre-thought the ‘get more sleep the night/s before’.

Ah well. I guess you can’t have everything the way you imagine it turning out to be, which was entirely the intended purpose of this post (that being, me talking about ‘life-customisation’) but I guess that one will have to wait until the weather cools down, my head clears and I finish cleaning the bathroom.

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