Theology of Glory

cafeLazy blogging often includes links to interesting articles. As ‘lazy blogging’ is the flavor of the day, this article proved interesting to my own today-apathetic self (believe me, without a car you feel stranded – even if I don’t have anywhere to go).

So here goes: The Theology of Glory

tip: bypass the ‘how we got to the interview’ section at the start unless you’re me and like reading everything in excess.

Why is this interesting Rebecca? Well… in the continuation – slow it may be – of my reading,The Pleasures of God (John Piper), this is some of the the stuff that I’ve been thinking a little about. To work that what that is out, you must read it.

I am throughly encouraged that God continues to understand that I seem to need a lot of related information shoved at me at particular times for certain themes and ideas to really sink in.

If you have not known me long you will not have realised that my memory is very insufficient and although I get excited about ideas (like such presented in this article) if you come to me a moment later I will have only the slightest scercik of an idea of even what it is on about. I catch a thread and unless I spend an immense amount of time investigating and WRITING IT OUT it just disappears.

Sadly I might just have to live with never being one of those cool 3rd year uni smarts sitting in a cafe having interesting and philosophical discussions over coffee-glorious-coffee with other like-brained and diverse individuals. There goes that dream…

Bear with me. Get some coffee, read up. Share some thoughts if you have any and I might work out what got me that little bit enthused and all those extra marvelous thoughts will come rushing back. Something like a coffee hit – but better.

I think that’s a very long winded way of telling you that the article is good… for some reason I can’t fully remember or adequately describe.

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