Take-off time for flying the job hunting skies

lgadoginplane.jpgDay One of ‘Back to Normality’.

The rest of my time between now and when uni starts (or later if it takes that long – I hope not) is for Job Hunting.

Today consisted of a prowl around Seek which resulted in at least one appearance-promising opportunity of a Junior position in Desktop Publishing somewhere in the city. I’ve emailed off for more details regarding location and time and so have to wait on that.

I have also re-vamped my Resume, and really it’s not looking all that bad! Other initial steps have involved contacting a past MBO employer for any further work there or through their extensive network.

I would greatly appreciate you letting me know of any work opportunities around Melbourne – Admin/Publishing (Assistant) areas in particular on a Casual/Part-time basis. I would also be quite keen to work with kids/youth. I’ve had a full year’s experience in Admin/Reception and six months in retail along with many other short term ‘unofficial’ work/volunteering. If you know of anything at all, please shoot me an email at: allsaidblog@gmail.com

Here’s the deal. A job means that I can move out of home (A life experience I think I would benefit greatly from), I would be in the much smarter position of not working from home where the income is unstable and could rely less on variable Government student payments. I would ideally like to work where I can develop further career related/uni-related opportunities, which is why Publishing/Design/Photography is ideal.

Who knows, I might just have to take what comes. Wouldn’t it be great to be paid to blog! Please be praying with me about this.

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  1. said:

    Pray about it. You’ll be surprised with what happens.

    January 15, 2007

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