Well this is going to be it – the blog theme for the next while.

Header image may chop and change as the one up at the moment is there has ‘temporary’ stamped invisibly across it. There is also the option for three different, two different (or one continuous) header image.

Comments, suggestions?

You now should be properly able to use the search and categories properly, hooray!
Apologies again for the header not being a link, I’ll get on to that (or someone else can show me how) but you’ll notice the handy navigation block at the top left, that will follow you down the page – there’s a link to ‘home’ there.

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Blogging Design General

Well that’s that, I have now officially been offered a place in Communication Design!

My sister managed to land a spot in Arts/Science at Monash. She’s happy. She will however defer it.

Now to stuff around with messy gettings of official academic transcripts of my results so that I can get some credit and to unenroll from good old Deakin.

*course details changed Emface, they are now correct

General Uni

peacockHave a look at this post, I’d heard the initial and supposed versions of this but this elaborates even more upon the story and delves further into the interpretation. I was excited to find something new in such a familiar story.

The Wedding in Cana 

Christianity General