The Next Few Days

Tomorrow morning some time I’m heading up with Geoff and his sister Anita to Canberra for a wedding. I haven’t packed a thing and am going to a farewell party very shortly, so who knows when that will happen. I will be gone all weekend. I hope to return to a working car (Three cheers to Henry for working on Australia Day), minimal debt, my Dad a year older, a phone call on Tuesday about working back with MBO and some time to simply crash and sleep for extended periods – why I don’t use more of my holidays for this I don’t know.

I also need to redesign the Advoc8 site, teach myself the basics and extras of Adobe Illustrator and Indesign and possibly roam the web for some nice Photoshop tips.

As for my grand holiday plans of taking a few days off by myself, that hasn’t happened. There is however still time. Suggestions as to where I can go? Wow, thinking about it, it all depends on whether my car is operational.

There is also the plan to properly organise/assist something for the Youth Group Camp (coming up soon), think further about Youth this year, read all those books I haven’t gotten to yet, catch up for coffee with a list of people that have been floating in my head and perhaps one or two more who I’d like to suss out as a potential mentor or have them wind up as (novel idea of having) a non-peer friend. Prayer for that would be good. It’s been a long time coming. It needs to happen.

I might also get soon to talk about new things going on at Church and what I think about the emerging Church (as soon as I’m lent those books that will get me thinking).

But for now, I have a party to head to… sadly it’s back to the old, ‘being driven’.

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  1. said:

    ..and if it sounded at all as if the farewell party was for us. It wasn’t.

    January 25, 2007

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