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cafeWhy Do You Blog?
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I’ve also linked to this article before, but have a read of The Master Humbler.

In answering the blogging questions, I acknowledged that the original reason why I started blogging was to challenge myself to be more vulnerable/open in an (at first) non confronting way. That of course has developed and evolved through my two years online and is probably now only partially the reason why I am still here.

I’ve also just been listening to a sermon on Psalm 139. Intimacy before God and others. Risking the ‘deeper’ conversations, confrontations and challenges.

If you don’t blog (or even if you do) what ways do you or should you challenge yourself in being more open? Do you even think it is necessary? What do you gain by being a little bit ‘out there’ with what’s really going on? What do you lose?

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