I’ve been running around crazily buying food etc. for camp. We start tonight at a campsite and run over the weekend. We have 15-16 kids and 7 (not all at one time) leaders. Someone else was supposedly doing food but they aren’t coming up until later. So now that’s for me to deal with. It takes quite a bit to feed 25. It’s also fun shopping when you can do it cheaply. Extreme delight when I go up to the registar and the supposed mental minimum isn’t even met.

Yes I shop with lists.

No I don’t touch much that isn’t on the list.

Perhaps in moving out the whole budgeting thing won’t be that much of an issue.

I started laughing in the car on the way to the shops with the odd realisation that I am soley (with the exception of throwing a few ideas at Geoff and watching them come back with an, “okay”.) entirely responsible for something. Other than you know, just keeping me the way I’d like to be kept.

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