A post of overview of the day for self-record purposes. Skip if so inclined.

  • Woke up super early, was quite awake then saw the clock and went back to sleep
  • Woke up later and heard Isobelle in the kitchen decided not to get up just yet as she, ‘mightn’t be ready’ and my nose was too blocked to tell me what was going on with food.
  • Woke up even later just after Iz had left, there was a note and fantastic breakfast for me in the oven.
  • Bummed around online
  • Geoff let me know he has half the day of work – much rejoicing!
  • Try to do my washing but Amelia (land…lady?) is doing hers, so I chat to her for a good while, grin back at her little girl and attempt to get out of explaining what an injection is to Thomas, who is 3 and half and has to have one next week.
  • Geoff comes and gives me my present!!!! We have a trial coffee from the shiny, new, wonderful machine.
  • We decide where to go for lunch and go there with good whallop of Cat Empire in the car on the way.
  • Amazing lunch – and happiness to the saturation because of everything (and by that really mean who I’m with)
  • We go buy some coffee beans and have coffee/chai at Ripe (the unsigned – word of mouth cafe, apparently the best in the area) it is surprisingly cheap, the waitress is acting a bit strange and the coffee way too strong (last time it was good) the chai latte was nice but half honey. Next time we decide we’ll stick to the favourite.
  • Dinner back at Mum and Dad’s (without Mum) – my Grandparents bought over Chicken and Broccoli and yum desert. Presents and stomach hurting because it was so full – possibly irrelevant to everything.
  • Birthday Cake.
  • Cluedo with Geoff, Dad and Laura. I won.
  • Home to now, sad printer blues, wonderful boyfriend who helps me get my washing off the line and find a globe for the blown one in my room, then goes to leave me to sleep (which is what I should be doing now).

Conclusion. A very good day and my tenses -past, present and pending are all over the place.


chomp.jpgI did claim that I wouldn’t stray into the realms of doing anything for uni on my birthday however while I have some glorious spare time and am fully content (and full) from the amazing breakfast my housemate made me I’ll show you a few of the marks I’ve been making. Marks?

The class – Intro to Communication Design has been the most interesting, different, challenging but fun. I haven’t done much hands on stuff before and it is a new thing to be introduced to the concept of a ‘mark’ and it’s a bit odd.

tongs1.jpgThese drawings came out of a variety of exercises (including eyes shut/two hands at once/left hand). My object = kitchen tongs and my word = chomp.

I’ll eventually get around to producing my set of four postcards.

tongs2.jpgAs for being ‘arty’ – I always have struggled to make something entirely new. If I drew, it was from photographs etc… this has opened a door – or at least a window. Squiggles and lines can be interesting and very cleverly accidentally done. Some of my classmates work is utterly amazing.

Aside from marks,  a certain friend still hasn’t posted details of, ‘the big question’. Hurry up! And today I think I received more text messages than I cumulatively have ever gotten before… that and maybe a coffee machine!!!!!!!!!

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