Making Marks

chomp.jpgI did claim that I wouldn’t stray into the realms of doing anything for uni on my birthday however while I have some glorious spare time and am fully content (and full) from the amazing breakfast my housemate made me I’ll show you a few of the marks I’ve been making. Marks?

The class – Intro to Communication Design has been the most interesting, different, challenging but fun. I haven’t done much hands on stuff before and it is a new thing to be introduced to the concept of a ‘mark’ and it’s a bit odd.

tongs1.jpgThese drawings came out of a variety of exercises (including eyes shut/two hands at once/left hand). My object = kitchen tongs and my word = chomp.

I’ll eventually get around to producing my set of four postcards.

tongs2.jpgAs for being ‘arty’ – I always have struggled to make something entirely new. If I drew, it was from photographs etc… this has opened a door – or at least a window. Squiggles and lines can be interesting and very cleverly accidentally done. Some of my classmates work is utterly amazing.

Aside from marks,  a certain friend still hasn’t posted details of, ‘the big question’. Hurry up! And today I think I received more text messages than I cumulatively have ever gotten before… that and maybe a coffee machine!!!!!!!!!


  1. said:

    the ‘chomp’ is flipping mad!! I love it
    happpppppppyyyyyy birrrrrrrrtthdayyyyyy!!
    the countdown is on..heehe

    April 5, 2007
  2. said:

    i have LOVED you posting your work! it has been a great start to my morning the last few days!

    April 5, 2007

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