To throw a spanner in the works of a slow chugging machine, I am participating in yet another, (This is possibly number 3?) meme.

Christina has tagged me about ‘obsessions’. As I’ve grumbled about before, memes seem to very much be a social network cliche, so what better a place to start!


1) I dislike cliches – quite a lot. I use them usually only if I am extremely tired, purposefully being annoying to others or if it’s too embarrassing/inappropriate a situation to make up my own.

2) No longer an issue, but I used to ‘have to’ turn off the hot-tap on the shower last. In that, the hot might go off first, but the final turn would have to be that certain tap.

3) A mirror of one of Christina’s obsessions, it drives me a little crazy when people don’t take their teabag out before they put milk in, my theory is the same as hers besides, it makes the teabag look disgusting.

4) Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation. I write some fairly flawed posts/other however if it is a professionally used document/menu etc, spelling MUST on all accounts be correct, along with grammar and PUNCTUATION. A particular loathing is the boganised ‘You’ – Youse/Youze. It drives me mental.

5) I just about cry if I see people using Comic Sans/Curlz MT Fonts on anything.

Rather than tagging anyone specific, what are your obsessions?

Meme Personality