Everything is good for you, if it doesn’t kill you

To throw a spanner in the works of a slow chugging machine, I am participating in yet another, (This is possibly number 3?) meme.

Christina has tagged me about ‘obsessions’. As I’ve grumbled about before, memes seem to very much be a social network cliche, so what better a place to start!


1) I dislike cliches – quite a lot. I use them usually only if I am extremely tired, purposefully being annoying to others or if it’s too embarrassing/inappropriate a situation to make up my own.

2) No longer an issue, but I used to ‘have to’ turn off the hot-tap on the shower last. In that, the hot might go off first, but the final turn would have to be that certain tap.

3) A mirror of one of Christina’s obsessions, it drives me a little crazy when people don’t take their teabag out before they put milk in, my theory is the same as hers besides, it makes the teabag look disgusting.

4) Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation. I write some fairly flawed posts/other however if it is a professionally used document/menu etc, spelling MUST on all accounts be correct, along with grammar and PUNCTUATION. A particular loathing is the boganised ‘You’ – Youse/Youze. It drives me mental.

5) I just about cry if I see people using Comic Sans/Curlz MT Fonts on anything.

Rather than tagging anyone specific, what are your obsessions?


  1. Tris said:

    Do you know what it is you don’t like about Comic Sans?

    April 7, 2007
  2. said:

    (neil finn)
    I see a man with a flag
    And he leads the procession
    And a woman shedding tears
    For a man locked in prison
    Then the two locked eyes
    And for a moment I was taken
    And all paths lead
    To a single conclusion
    Everything is good for you
    If it doesnt kill you

    April 9, 2007
  3. said:

    sorry couldn’t help myself…. its crowded house.

    I saw someone with a bumper sticker the other day that says ban comic sans

    It would have to be the internationally most popular font for church notice sheets.

    April 9, 2007
  4. said:

    yep it certainly is from a Crowded House song.

    There is also a website devoted to banning Comic Sans.

    Why I hate it? It’s very very much at year 5-6 School Project Header font – this then does not translate remotely classily (word? no) into official “grown up” documents and to be honest, doesn’t look crash hot on kids assignments either. It is a fake handwritten typeface that simply looks utterly crap. As a tutor of mine pointed out, handwritten is okay -if you must – for where you can only see one letter (or two) of each, but with real handwriting each letter is clearly not uniform so the psuedo doesn’t quite cut it.

    Ban Comic Sans

    April 9, 2007
  5. Jaclyn said:

    obessions, hey?
    to name but a few…
    a) Every file I save, MUST also have a folder created to put it in.
    It must NEVER float around in a folder that doesn’t suit its category. I think that is widely acceptable as an obession though.

    b) I am obsessed with trying my hardest to leave the room when the microwave is on. The whole ‘radiation leaking/whatever other bad stuff microwaves churn out into the air ‘ thing scares me. I’m not even that “in-the-know” about it all, but maybe that’s what scares me even more!

    If i’m using it, I NEVER open the door while its still running.
    I wait patiently for the “your meal is ready” message and the beeps that follow. Even if i need to stop it half way though the time i punched in originally, i cancel it, and put it on again for 1 second, and then wait for the beeps. Just to be sure. heehe! Now that is a wacky obsession.

    c) I am also obessed with checking the ingredients on products I consume. If it contains hydrogenated oil of any kind, or Trans fat of any other description, i refuse to eat it.
    Not that I have any concerns about my weight increasing- bah!
    Its more the fact that there is evidence to support that consuming any amount of manufactured trans fat is closely linked to having all sorts of health problems, cancer and heart disease being on top.

    anyway… I guess this is not a health warnings blog about microwaves and trans fats, but they are my obessions! I
    want to do everything in my power to make sure i don’t die of things I can prevent 🙂

    Love you bec!
    i should comment on here more often seeing as i read this thing everyday.
    It’s good, keep it up 🙂

    April 10, 2007
  6. Jaclyn said:

    i didn’t realise how huge that comment was!
    how emabarrassing!

    April 10, 2007
  7. said:

    No way. Comments are good any shape or size. I miss you Jaclyn!!!

    April 10, 2007
  8. said:

    Funny how many churches use comic sans. On rare occasion I too am guilty. Sorry.

    April 10, 2007
  9. said:

    hehe the above comment is very amusing. :o)

    BTW you have to virtually stick your head in the microwave to actually get radiation from it… so you’re probably more at risk of cancer from the toxins building up in your body while you increase your anxiety by worrying about the microwave, than you are from the microwave itself. Oh, and you’re still not really at risk.

    But this is coming from a guy who used to hold his breath when travelling under high-tension power wires. Don’t ask me how it was supposed to help, I have no idea. Maybe it just helped to pass the time on long car trips.

    :o) Blogs would be a good way to pass the time on long car trips too. Especially Bec’s… you should get the blogger of the year award.

    April 11, 2007
  10. said:

    Hey, and I thought only I hated Comic Sans. Actually, even I used it quite liberally when I was a kid because it’s the only font installed on Windows which is slightly different from the contemporary professional fonts. However,it looks like crap when it comes out on paper and can no way suit an assignment or a project. These days, we study Visual Basic at school in which basically you design forms and stuff and I see all the people around me using Comic Sans in their forms and I wish I could tell them that Comic Sans is the most ridiculous font somebody can use for say .. a designed form which asks for job details. I personally prefer fonts like Palatino Linotye and Trebuchet MS, they’re way better than Comic Sans.

    I too have this obsession with punctuation,grammar and spellings. Earlier, I used to delete the comments which would use bad grammar but ultimately I realized that I was deleting around 60% of the total comments that way. It’s funny how people have totally destroyed English in trying to condense it so they can leave messages fast. I personally hate something like “How r u?” .Why can’t you use the long way, it isn’t exactly costing you any money on a random messenger is it? I think a major trigger to this was the SMS revolution because there, it does cost money if you try to make it long, but then again what’s the use if it isn’t even understandable? I remember having done a post about it long back – I was part of a movement called “Save The Vowels” wherein we encourage good English and discourage the condensed “txt spk” as we call it. This problem is extremely huge here in India because not many people in here give a damn about English. I’ve seen people using wrong grammar, wrong tenses even when they are like 24-25 something. The only time they do pay attention to English is when they have to give a test or something because you need to be good at English to get out of India to shift to the United States etc. A lot of them go to Australia too actually. It’s all so dumb.

    Ok, this is getting ridiculously long now, I’d better shut up.

    April 14, 2007

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