Comedy Festival – Ross Noble

comedy_logo.jpgSuch a boring title when I was going for something similar to, “Jesus the Iceman”. That post is actually sitting in drafts waiting for more inspiration and anyway, while this is somewhat current news, I shall share.

Last night I had the pleasure, along with Geoff, Laura, Hannah and Dan – thanks to my little sister’s boyfriend (Dan) – of going to a Melbourne Comedy Festival event.

Ross Noble, extremely clever and as any good comedian should be, madly funny.

What worked for me?

It was a show of tangents but it all linked cleverly back to some point during other… tangents – this fits beautifully with my own concept of strange related things (Usually better kept to myself and not mentioned out loud).

What didn’t work?

Christian bashing – which was okay and he made some extremely valid points but when it gets to bashing the idea/validity of Jesus that’s when I struggle. Bash Christian stereotypes all you like, to be honest they kind of need it… although I doubt that’d make them listen. Along tame lines, “They should just shut-up and be nice”, fantastic points about living your faith instead of blabbing it rudely and forcing personal convictions on to people.

I laughed really hard but I didn’t quite reach crying… I got pretty close. Bum-face children just about did it.

He is an incredibly funny and talented man and hey, we got to experience two and half hours of it!

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  1. said:

    I’ve got a double DVD of him doing a couple of live shows and a CD set of him doing a travel programme for BBC Radio. I’d love to see him live.

    April 10, 2007

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