Productivity is Pricey

5.jpg3 Assignments down, 1 to go!

That’s right, yesterday spelled productivity and smelt of rain. Today I need to print off some stuff, do a little backfill, (Sad but true, I might’ve just left the boring assignment until last) and make the trek into the city to get a poster printed.

Generic pricing for A2 posters starts at $30 with the $50 mark flashed around quite liberally One of the girls at uni has managed to find a ‘self-serve’ place that’ll do it for about $15. That’s where I am going.

This submission has already required of me: an A3 D Ring folder, 2 packets of A3 plastic pockets, 2 new printer cartridges… it adds up quickly. It’s painful to spend about $20 a pop on 25 measley plastic pockets.  Alas there isn’t much way to get around spending the $100+ odd dollars. Sometimes I am really glad I have a job.

There’s a warning for anyone considering studying design. Make sure you’ve got enough money to get you through. HECS is all very well – you can deal with delayed payment for the course, but you aren’t going to pass unless you meet submission expectations.

It’s going to be somewhat interesting on my way into work/uni on Friday, with four A3 folders, one of considerable size. I have a two hour window to get all my work in and the task of not forgetting the pick up date in July. It’s almost worth driving. Ahhh, but I couldn’t let Connex down could I?

Holidays I love you.

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  1. Elyce said:

    Thankyou for the advice about the design course and expenses. I’ll keep that in mind! It really does sound like a ridiculous cost though.

    June 4, 2007

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