Uni and the Chopping Block

Uni assignments are sometimes very strange.

The following in particular. PopUps. How useless. How fiddly to cut out. How really rather boring. This was due ages ago (prelim – and I passed it) and now the ‘final’ is due in. I did discover that you can cut things much cleaner with a new blade but beyond that…

Oh alright, I guess it was an Adobe Illustrator excercise. I see the potential with that program, but I have yet to love it there’s something about not being a very patient person coupled with the pen tool that puts a strain on things.

My Popups were about Madame Curie. Now she is interesting.

curie1.jpg curie2.jpg

Below is my Typography poster. I have determined that I am okay with the outcome but not 100% in love with it. Art Nouveau stuff. It was really simply getting us to explore an art era in a sneaky way. I had 1900-1910. I love Art Nouveau colours and so you can see the colour palette I put together (rather quickly, hence why they are very randomly placed).

a2poster.jpg artnovcolours-copy.jpg

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