Help me out grammar fiends.

What is the correct usage of:



Where is it which? I have been under the impression for a long time that It’s follows the usual path of keeping the apostrophe when there’s some belonging occurring, but now someone has informed me otherwise.

Examples in your explanations would be greatly appreciated.

I must know.


driving-lessons-0.jpgIt’s an interesting thing watching a familiar face break character.

If you’ve got time within the next few weeks to head out and see a movie, do bother with Driving Lessons. You will have to get in quickly as I don’t think it will last too long.

Rupert Grint (Usually identifiable as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter) cracks extremely well into the new mould of Ben. Alongside some clever acting – from both Grint and Walters – the movie plays tastefully and intelligently with themes of independence, rights of passage, emotional manipulation and fatherhood. It could perhaps follow some of these themes through more completely but generally does a good job.

It is quirky and quaint and consistently engaging – although not altogether unpredictable in parts, but I don’t think that it has deterred from the movie as its intentions lie elsewhere.

I was quite frankly delighted, and intend to get hold of a copy when it makes it onto DVD.

See it or you are missing out.


fullscreen_fig_09.jpgI was going to go to bed, but for the sake of the goings-on of the past few days crowding out more interesting thoughts, the goings-on of the past few days must be said.

As Alex has mentioned, Geoff and I had our engagement party yesterday. Our Mums (and Dads) and many other helpful siblings/bridesmaids and friends put in a massive effort and we had a fantastic afternoon/evening. With over a hundred people to get around to, it was a pretty big effort to keep my eyes open by the end of it. I loved that we had representatives from most arenas of our lives. A huge thanks to our youth kids for doing some fairly impromptu waitress/waitering and doing a good job. We had a really valuable time of getting prayed for and we did also get some pretty nice presents!

On that, Saturday night we made it to Beth and James’ (Burkie’s) engagement party and had a fine time getting know Rohan . I’d never met him before – Geoff had through Tabor. I did really enjoy chatting with him. It makes me envious that I don’t have many/if-any friends in the slightly next stage of life – they are valuable, valuable people. I also got to catch Sammy, Paul, Sus and Matt briefly (Gush people) – always fun!

Today my good friend Jess took me along make-up shopping. She does happen to be scooting off to India just before my wedding but has an extremely good idea of how go about the make-up thing. NB. I don’t wear make up and really have zero idea. Anyway after some hesitant contemplating I have decided to have a sibling/friend do my make-up instead of paying someone I don’t know. We prowled tentatively around Myers and got accosted by a make-up counter woman who balked a little at the fact that I was diy’ing it for my wedding (Not too badly) she then proceeded to be quite nice in sharing a rough costing of the variety of products, then pointed us particularly toward her range. Those who know me should be proud, I didn’t say something rude out-loud or make a face when she said that the price of an eyeshadow was $90 – I might’ve in my head.

So we took off to The Body Shop where things were far more casual and helpful and possibly more ethical. We tried some stuff out with the help of the lady there, bought a few things and came home and ‘played’. Jess is good, it felt very professional and I came out looking good and was satisfied with the result. She now has to teach a sister of mine (or someone else) how to do it and we’ll have a crack at getting it just right. I am now very convinced that I am far more comfortable having someone I know well in my face than someone I have paid too much for, show up. We will practice enough so I don’t end up angry on the morning. That… and the $90 that could’ve (in someone else’s world) been spent on one eyeshadow, bought almost everything we’ll need.

Tomorrow I am bridesmaid dress shopping with my three bridesmaids, hopefully will get around to writing two more blog posts – one about a fantastic movie I got to see with Geoff tonight and head to the next Vocare meetup where I will ashamedly admit that I still haven’t met my ‘mentor’ and have missed the past few weeks of readings.

Now that is out. Now I can sometime get to sharing some bigger conversations and thoughts. While you’re waiting for that, check the conversation going on at Hope Road about Stay at Home Daughters. I was interested. Alternatively check out, The Soundtrack of Your Life for some good music, funny the things you find through reading a design blog – I quite like French music.

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