Weasley’s Driving Lessons

driving-lessons-0.jpgIt’s an interesting thing watching a familiar face break character.

If you’ve got time within the next few weeks to head out and see a movie, do bother with Driving Lessons. You will have to get in quickly as I don’t think it will last too long.

Rupert Grint (Usually identifiable as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter) cracks extremely well into the new mould of Ben. Alongside some clever acting – from both Grint and Walters – the movie plays tastefully and intelligently with themes of independence, rights of passage, emotional manipulation and fatherhood. It could perhaps follow some of these themes through more completely but generally does a good job.

It is quirky and quaint and consistently engaging – although not altogether unpredictable in parts, but I don’t think that it has deterred from the movie as its intentions lie elsewhere.

I was quite frankly delighted, and intend to get hold of a copy when it makes it onto DVD.

See it or you are missing out.

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