jane_gray_lookingatyourself.jpgI discourteously did Onno Knuvers the dishonor of not linking to his website (Due to my use of an image of his in the previous post). So I must do that now.

He is – from my reading – a Dutchy (a very good start!) turned New Zealander. And by a further glance he has some very cute and clever little illustrations. Not meaning to suck-up to nullify my ‘crime’, but I did really rather appreciate this one. (And I can hear Geoff saying in my head, ‘No you’re not sucking up at all!’, in his amused/sarcastic way – scary that!)

So there’s the first New Zealander – at my online front door.

The second lot are at my actual front door. In fact they’ve been living in our rather minute lounge room the past two nights. My lovely housemate’s doing (Who, quite realistically and honestly is a much nicer person than I am). Our lounge room, as tight as it is, is a fraction more comfortable than this couple’s car.

Isobelle (housemate) met them at the free meal my church puts on a couple of weeks in a row. Very nice couple. They’ve fairly recently moved across and yesterday fantastically both managed to score full-time jobs which was fairly important. They are now living in a tent in our front-yard.

Why am I sharing this some what more personal-to-them thing? A couple of reasons.

a) So I can ridiculously claim I’ve got New Zealanders at both my online and offline front doors and that collates into a nice easy blog title.

but more seriously,

b) So that I can remind myself of the crap that’s been sifting through my head and some less than perfect attitudes I have towards these kinds of things.

Conversations of late at: Vocare, Young Adults and with those around me etc. have been quite centered around money. This situation in it’s own way has allowed it to hit home.

I have so much freaking stuff.

image by Jane Gray

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