Fans go around

I am a very big fan of the following at the moment:

  • Geoff living 5 minutes away instead of 25
  • The community feel of the suburb I’ll end up living in (see above)
  • Baby spinach
  • The mornings being not-quite-so-cold
  • Photography (at uni) being in an actual studio
  • A Generous Orthodoxy (Brian McLaren) – I have a few blog posts that haven’t made it from my head to paper
  • God walloping me on the head with things in a ‘Bec get’s it’ type of way – kindly of course and not always in a bad way, more the fact that its a good reminder
  • The files I’m clearing out at work, because they are full of fantastic brouchure/layout examples which means I can simultaneously work and do uni stuff

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