This post made me consider who I’d like to meet from the blogging world and these are the people that came immediately to mind.

Anne Jackson

Rebecca Monson

Makeesha Fisher

Christina Aitken (although I know her in person – a little)

Curious. Women I, in a funny old kind of way, look up to. Most of them I’ve never met. I wish there were more of ‘their kind’ around within face-face earshot.

Hmm… I never did write that post about mentoring.

Christianity Life


First jump over and read the post that made me question this.

Now the question.

Is fear (like that mentioned in the post – hope that’s okay to link to you Anna, I am in no way pointing out you are wrong or right, just interested.) a sin? Or, a symptom? Or what?


I am a very big fan of the following at the moment:

  • Geoff living 5 minutes away instead of 25
  • The community feel of the suburb I’ll end up living in (see above)
  • Baby spinach
  • The mornings being not-quite-so-cold
  • Photography (at uni) being in an actual studio
  • A Generous Orthodoxy (Brian McLaren) – I have a few blog posts that haven’t made it from my head to paper
  • God walloping me on the head with things in a ‘Bec get’s it’ type of way – kindly of course and not always in a bad way, more the fact that its a good reminder
  • The files I’m clearing out at work, because they are full of fantastic brouchure/layout examples which means I can simultaneously work and do uni stuff