Give me the streets of Manhattan, the quiet waters

Steph was kind enough to leave a comment about ‘day-to-day life being captivating through my eyes’ – I was (and am) quite flattered. My days aren’t usually quite as eventful as they could be, but it seems today has thrown the contrary.

My sister moved in today – I will post about my wonderful previous housemate as a kind of commemoration thing but will wait until I upload a photo first. The short of it all, is that my housemate Isobelle is going to Thailand for three months and thus has moved out.

Laura, my sister (and my twin might I add – no I am not joking) moved in today. So Geoff and Tim and I spent this morning helping her move furniture from one suburb to the one a few over.

About lunch-time I received a distress call from Paul (Geoff’s housemate) trying to get on to Geoff, it turns out that in the time it took for Paul to wander down the street to get a pie was all the time it for a burst water pipe in the upstairs bathroom of my future house, to leak through the floor and into the kitchen downstairs. When I say leak, I mean quite extensively… through downlights and the like enough to soak several towels through and more.

Geoff and I eventually got there (Paul scurried off to a conference at church – he did turn the water and power off) to be met by three individuals who’d had a little too much to drink, one of them was graciously pissing on the back fence. No huge dramas there, but still not overly pleasant.

Found the number for real-estate agent, and the landlord – whom we’ve never met – turns out to be a builder. He rocked up with his electrician friend all of 20 minutes later and checked everything out. So the plumber was to show at 6:30pm (we assume Paul’s taken care of that) and a guy came to dry the carpets out and Geoff is now staying here tonight (remember Laura’s here now so it’s all okay), you cannot possibly sleep with two massive fans that have to run 24/7 (carpets).

So my tale of woe (or drama) and overuse ofร‚ย  brackets () should conclude there but I still haven’t mentioned that I came out to my car later on and found that my driver-side lock had been mauled by someone trying to get in so I now have to do an ‘Analise’ and open my driver side from the passenger seat or crawl across. I am not impressed. I’d have rather they taken my bomby old 1986 Corolla – I’d have liked the insurance money.

There it is. Captivating? Maybe not, but certainly full of excitement. Oh for a quiet Saturday. I am tired and still haven’t done half the homework I should have, Geoff is asleep behind me and I’m thinking that bed too sounds like a kind and certainly more gentle proposition.


  1. said:

    Ah bec… guess it’s been one of those kinda days…

    I didn’t think there was a pub anywhere near Geoff’s place but I guess there’s a train station, so no doubt that provides a steady stream of all types (who in turn apparently provide a steady stream of other things!)

    Certainly relate to the homework thing… why did I ever put my computer in the lounge near the TV. Dad was watching bike racing and I ended up falling asleep waiting for it to end. Still no essay progress. Depressing innit when you want to get stuff done and just dont get to it.

    October 13, 2007
  2. said:

    Wow. That seems eventful and stressful.
    I hope Sunday was better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    October 14, 2007
  3. said:

    Sorry to disappoint you Steph but it’s actually not Bec’s day-to-day life that’s all that captivating. It’s just her gift for writing that makes it all worth reading. That is, if you can overlook the total lack of journalistic integrity when she manipulates the facts to make things sound the way she wants them to!

    First of all, I would have liked some better brackets than (Geoff’s housemate). Surely my identity encompasses far more than just a rent offset. How about “(Geoff’s housemate and my favourite out of all of his groomsmen)”? You can abbreviate it to GHAMFOOAOHG if you like.

    Secondly, Rebecca…”scurried”! “Scurried”! I did not “scurry” off to the conference. I went because I’d already done about as much cleanup as practicable, I didn’t have contact details for the agent… and Geoff was at the church. He also didn’t have his phone on him. My heroism in turning off the water and electricity at the mains, having returned from the shops less than 10 minutes after the pipe burst, actually saved the day (or at least saved the ceiling from caving in due to hours of water damage).

    I’d also like to add, that I managed to switch off the water at the mains less than 2 minutes later, as well as turn off the electricity to reduce any fire danger. We won’t go into Geoff’s track record with the water meter because I don’t really want to be mean… but I think it’s pretty lucky that I was here, so you can retract your “scurried” thankyou very much! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Oh and I’ve tested it out this afternoon… the carpet fans are fine. I had a good old snooze with them running this arvo. The hum is nothing an iPod can’t fix, just in case you were wondering. A vacuum cleaner makes more noise.

    October 14, 2007
  4. said:

    “had to do an Analise”

    haha! Jason has to do that also!

    And now I am off to get a pie.

    October 15, 2007

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