Invite Inkjet

Today Geoff and I printed wedding invites – well half of them… It turned out that inkjet or paying someone was our only option, as the paper I’ve bought doesn’t run through a laser printer due to too much texture (Which really isn’t much at all) and the printer not being hot enough. Inkjet’s a slow going, but my lovely printer (thanks Geoff) has done a marvelous job. Sure a font strangely disappeared when I got into change something in Indesign DESPITE it still being installed AND showing up elsewhere, and the page I tried printing just now went a bit funky – I think it’s had enough – but I’m happy, because thus far they look really good, and after we track down a guilettine and cut away and fold and stick and tie and whinge how we should have done them less fiddly, they’ll be even better.

I shall give evidence when I have a completed item but for now… I’m going to bed.

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