Clever weekends

The homework monsters slam down hard sometimes, Friday’s post has been delayed until now.

On Thursday I bit the bullet of my, ‘avoid city driving where possible’ rule and drove to work. It’s a bit funny really, because work moved offices on Friday and of all the time I’ve been working at the Albert Park office (equivalent to almost two years), I’ve never driven in. It’s been the train and the tram with my beloved Connex. But for the sake of a free desk chair when your one has had a broken wheel for two months, you’ll do anything.

So I drove in. The right turn I was meant to make turned out to not be a right turn due to the No Right Turn sign, so I detoured somehow via Prahran (near uni) and got to work a bit late. No huge drama.

Seven and a half hours later, the chair fit nicely into my currently very dilapidated car and I set off back home. I managed to do something wrong again and wound up driving through a very busy street in the city during peak hour. Slightly terrifying, but I worked out where the freeway was fairly quickly and found the way home.

Here’s the ironic thing.

We moved offices on Friday – a few suburbs across the city to a beautiful and beautifully restored terrace house. I’ll share photos when I can. But the strange way that I drove home wound up being exactly the way I drove to the new place with Ian.

Then get this. I’ve been crapping on about how I’m in love with Barcelona chairs for a few posts now and suddenly I find out that work is getting some (replicas I assume, and they are white) but I mean what is the likely hood of that! Hearing that pulled my internal grin onto my face.

It has been a beautifully ironic weekend.

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  1. said:

    {and now sadly we aren’t getting the barcelona chairs as they don’t fit *woe and sorrow*}

    October 26, 2007

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