Starred: October-November

I’ve starred a mass of 61 posts this time – so they might not all make it up here. I have a funny feeling quite a few of them are design related i.e. I’ve gone ‘oooh that’s nice/inspirational’, I will warn accordingly. Some may have also been linked to specificially throughout the month, this is basically me clearing out my ‘google reader starred posts yet again’ – all for the record.

some thoughts/responses to gender stuff – Makeesha/Swinging from the Vine

Hermenutic – Joshua/Love in the Key of Longbrake

Creativity should not be controlled – Naked Pastor

Complexity described – Mark/Anecdote (I love Ursula LeGuin)

Still loving gallery style photo walls – Abbey Goes Design Scouting (design)

Julia Rothman – Decor8 (design)

A lesson in typography – Poppytalk (youtube clip)

sew green – cool blog of the week – Poppytalk

lifedance – notafigment/Anna (art work)

we are not master builders – we are not messiahs – Makeesha/Swinging from the Vine

Judging a book by it’s vastly more interesting cover – Kat Coble/Just another pretty farce

The Emerging Church loves darkness (or what I stand for) Part II – Be the Revolution/David

Living with less – a dare – Anne Jackson/Flowerdust

Online romance turns sour – Rodney Olsen/The Journey

Heat sensitive wallpaper – Poppytalk

Talk to your daughter before they do – What will we find in the head of Mish?

Why I don’t like the term “modesty” – Makeesha/Swinging from the Vine

kafka planet – Daily Dose of Imagery

A personal story – Jesus Creed

What you should know about RSS – via GeoffRe(y)port

Feminism and the chaos of labels – Makeesha/Swinging from the Vine

Blog Action Day – Ethical Eco-Eating – James 5

Doing Boring Stuff Well – Boundless Line/Motte

Fonts and your face – Seth Goddin

Just do it – Naked Pastor

Six rules of cultural engagement – Joe Thorn

so, I made a book… sort of – Rebekka Gudeifsottir

Christiana Ceppas – Oh Happy Day/Jordan (amazing photographs)

To Create – Joshua/Love in the Key of Longbrake

Snow Flakes and Role Play – Naked Pastor

The Beautiful Project – Decor8 (design)

James Blunt & Reading the Subtext – Naked Pastor

The Emperor’s New Lamp (diy) – Decor8 (design)

The Best Truth – Anna/Hope Road

Poor Expectations Driving Martial Itch Earlier – BoundlessLine/Steve Watters

Sorry to talk so long – Seth Goddin

Stories make brands stronger – Anecdote/Shawn

2007 holiday card guide (part 1) – Poppytalk (design)

Spiral Bound – Hi + Low (design)

Brand New Dei – Homelessman Speaks

Small business success – Seth Goddin

PREFAB FRIDAY: Michelle Kaufmann Loft Design – Inhabitat

How to keep an art Journal Part 2– Suzi Blu (youtube)

If everyone did it we’d be living in trash – Makeesha and Shayel/Swinging from the Vine

Free $10 voucher Dstore – The Freebies Blog

Featured buyer on etsy’s Storque – Poppytalk

Notebooks, journals, sketchbooks – another link from Poppytalk

She likes organising things – five and a half

favourite interiors from skona hem (nr 12) – Poppytalk (ahh beautiful design)

Man married dog –

What grinds my gears – Anne Jackson

oh snap – Anne Jackson

Adolescence or Maturity – Naked Pastor


  1. jess v said:

    bec, i don’t understand what this post is about – i’m still learning to speak geek. you’ll have to teach me better!

    November 20, 2007
  2. said:

    It’s links to all the links I thought were worth saving (in google reader).

    November 20, 2007
  3. said:

    And I thank you for it! 🙂

    November 25, 2007

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