Indulge me

210289852_b2812e3751_m.jpgI’ve started vaguely thinking about the problem of being a self indulgent and if it’s a) appropriate in moderation, b) appropriate at all, c) alright if you don’t hit an extreme.

Boundless have a reasonable article – thoughts semi began here, although it’s been highlighted through my recent recognition of how much money I’ve spent lately.

Indulging seems to occur in several ways:

Buying ‘satisfying’ stuff
Buying/eating comfort/happy food
and the tendancy to spend time in a comfortable way, both literally through sleep or even just doing stuff that’s enjoyable.

Typically I approach holidays as a ‘more indulgent time’ and I think there is a balance of ‘relax’ for your own good/health and dare I say happiness (on the mental stakes end) and fun but sometimes we go too far.

I am unsure what the point is. Or what I can do about it, besides to ‘stop buying things’. I don’t want to tread the other extreme of burning out because I’m doing so much ‘good’ stuff to deal with the ‘guilt’ – which to be honest isn’t super strong.

Anyway, they are my initial thoughts.

Ps. We now have a Labor government. I’m pleased with the outcome this time around, although I can’t say I sit heavily in either major party court.


  1. said:

    Grab a copy of Richard Fosters “Celebration of Discipline” and read the chapter on ‘simplicity’.

    It will give you a confronting different perspective!

    November 28, 2007
  2. said:

    I think our generation is quite bad at “doing things” without “buying things” – my parents have often noted that they think it’s harder for our generation to save money because the way we socialise costs more. Our parents never went out for coffee, let alone breakfast!

    I try to spend more time cycling, camping, hiking, gardening and cooking…but even then I manage to find an excuse to shop (I NEED that new cake tin!!!)

    December 3, 2007

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