Look on, little girl

I was thinking about two moments that have happened during my week.

While playing hotbox frisbee and cricket with work people, we were being closely scrutinised by an 8 year old girl who clearly wanted to join in. She was lurking in background of both our game and some guys playing soccer nearby. She was bored and impatient although had sporadic moments of entertaining herself strangely. Her mother wasn’t paying her much attention.

While we roller skated around like idots in 80’s dresses a little girl joined some of the girls holding up Jaclyn’s (my cousin) dress train, she didn’t really ask for permission but had an absolute blast (she also skated brilliantly). We had no idea who she was but figured it was okay, her mum was watching from the sidelines.

This illustrates in a small way to me, something about getting involved. Maybe it helps if someone watching out for us? And if our courage comes from that, then why do we as Christians sit on the sideline lurking instead of ‘doing’ so often?

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  1. said:

    Yeah… true. And so many times I let self-consciousness and worry about what others will think keep me from taking the plunge. I’m consciously trying to avoid that now.

    November 28, 2007

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