Homework makes me nervous

When studying design you don’t get exams, you get these things called Folios. Folios require workbooks, workbooks require a hell of a lot of work.

I can deal with research.

I can’t deal with the supposed ‘right’ way of working. I work, in that I get straight on the computer and play. I don’t do sketches, I don’t mindmap and all that other crap. I don’t work that way, however hard I try. It’s ‘more correct’ of course, to do sketches, it’s more industry happy etc… but you can’t if you can’t.

This makes the ‘develop the workbook’ time difficult, in that I often have to backfill (we all do) – create crappy little sketches etc so it appears as if this is how I develop things (simply so I pass etc). Backfilling makes me feel crap.

Some tutors get it. Your workbook is how you work. You’re allowed to show things as you do them. This is as it should be. But some tutors just don’t get it. They take marks off you because you write something by hand (to save re-printing/wasting paper) or you work your own way minus certain conventions and they go ape (In their heads – which reflects on your marks), it’s a workbook! It’s how I got there. I got there right? Think reasonably! Be nice.

Assignments make me nervous.

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