On Saturday my sister-in-law Anita married Stuart. I woke up feeling shocking and got through the day on cold and flu tablets, however the experience was still wonderful. It was really lovely day, Anita looked beautiful, everything went smoothly. I really liked her unusual choice of bridesmaid dresses – which you can see in the one photo I’ve got (at the moment) – they really suited both Tash and Julie. Adele – the flower girl was extremely cute and gave up on doing her thing and went and sprawled on the floor to do some colouring in during the service, her sister Bekky seems to be more taken with me than she is.

All the kids you can see in the front are from either Anita’s class (She is a teacher) or Stu’s work (After school care – but also training to be a teacher).

I love my newest sister and it was an honor to see her marry Stu – who’s a quality guy… and you should hear their engagement story! It’s about as elaborate as it gets.