Locked in slows it all down

Today meant to consist of a simple trip to check out my friend’s ‘Curves’ gym (ie. womens gym/exercise in 30mins and it’s really corny) and then to bum around at home, clean the house a bit. But no, I locked my keys in the car, in the ignition. My friend’s dad who is also my mechanic came by and tried to open it up for me but no luck. So I borrowed my friend’s phone (yes I haven’t got one yet) train’ed into the city to get Geoff’s key (1hr)- because I couldn’t even get into the house.

Then while I was in the city, I decided to visit the outlet place to find some shoes for my sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding and went to pay and my bank card was declined. Woops. That’s never happened before. What a disgrace.

It was a very unproductive day all round. Laura kindly picked me up from the station and took me back to the car that mercifully didn’t have a parking ticket.

Now I am home, having cooked dinner for my whole family (+ little sister’s boy) and am watching them play Mario Kart on the Wii. It is rather amusing. I’m still in shock that my mum is enjoying herself.

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