Junky cars and coffee messages

I came across Message in Hand today… the full website launches on the 18th but I am eternally getting the time difference between Australia and the US mixed up so lets just go with: soon.

The basic idea is that social justice messages/charities make themselves known on coffee sleeves (Those cardboard things around your cup that attempt to prevent burnage). The sleeves are a conversation starter, hence (hopefully) evoking change.

Now I love the idea, but to be situationally honest, the beautiful cafe culture of Melbourne, (Which is fine indeed), mightn’t be the best of venues for the application. Our Starbucks are closing by the dozen, Gloria Jeans do their own charity work and the majority of our ‘non-chain’, (Becuase we believe in non-chain coffee) cafe’s use cups that actually do the job already… or, you sit down and get a real glass with your latte.

That saying. HQ could use some help, although they may not want to cover up their delusional character filled labels. They could also use some help in the brewing department but that’s an entirely different story.

Regardless of the fact that I think the idea mightn’t float so well in this city of mine, I do like the concept and I may yet suggest it to my semi local ‘Kofi Bean’ because they would probably get behind something like this.

Also check out Junky Car Club. Get yourself out of debt, buy your car outright. We did. AND we only own one car between the two of us, it’s quite doable. Save the planet at the same time as your consumeristic butt.

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  1. said:

    yeah….HQ coffee…not so good…or even cheap

    September 19, 2008

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