Thought I’d share several musical loves.


I first heard Emiliana Torrini when I was on a young adults camp… someone was playing it through their Ipod and I was compelled to find the person who could tell me who it was (since I couldn’t locate the Ipod). That person was Geoff, back before I really got to know him…

Cutesy romantics aside, it’s lovely stuff and the new, Me and Armini is stronger than Fisherman’s Woman.

Check it on MySpace.

ura244Holly Throsby, let’s give it to the Aussies, this is some clear, unrefined happy stuff for your ears. I am in danger of over playing parts of it.

It has the potential to be annoying in the Australianismness, but sits in that space of being different enough that it passes.

I’m also a fan of the cover art.

Check it on MySpace.

froufrou-detailsFrou Frou. An older favourite. Thanks to Garden State (oh my what a movie for musical introductions!).

Must be played when the weather is fine and things are nice. Car trips up the mountain for enjoyable days alone pretty much require this one. Must be Dreaming is bliss.

Check it on MySpace.


I’ve been doing some reading up on SEO – Search Engine Optimisation for work and also had a conversation with my boss the same time about looking at how we can change things for the better for Ergo online. Where the initial idea was to have a brochure equivalent web presence, things have now evolved through the blog and what not and it no longer holds the prime shelf placement. (That and it could do with a new look, but that’s my own prerogative* seeing as I made the thing in the first place).

There is a very interesting article on Realign vs. Redesign over on A List Apart. It is making me rethink my blog overhaul (which hasn’t happened, clearly) and making me lean in the direction of small change, same feel… it could potentially make my life a lot easier, so it’s win-win.

I’ve been reading about SEO over on SEOmoz, it is putting into words what I think I subconsciously know.

*or opinion

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