Make Something

*Gulp* Now that my life has been over-run with some casual work in prepress (Stationery via templates) my time (free time) is much lessened. And I have decided that I really should be: making something new every week, I would say every day but lets be reasonable here. I’m not counting something new as anything for work or a client, just something new. Sometimes – no doubt – this will simply have to be passed off as a sketch (although I hope to do that more than once a week). But practice makes better, and so I must practice.

I am also trying out some things and finding inspiration for my sisters’ wedding invitations so you’ll have to bear with the delightful style of: vintage/old books/foxes/trees/acorns/hand script/maps… of which nothing is confirmed (It’s mostly an excellent excuse to look at pretty things)

(I also made a pom-pom… because I could)

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