…so I am going to keep my photography over here: http://curiousephemera.com/ still adjusting to how I should use the site, whether I keep it really specific or treat it more like a general photo blog. Thoughts welcome.

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Little tiny precious vote,
underneath my overcoat,
snug and warm against my heart,
you and I will have to part.
I must cast you to the horde,
…With your little wooden sword,
And your hopeful marching song,
Little vote of mine be strong.
Should our happy cause be dashed,
And your wooden sword be smashed,
Come back, dear beloved vote,
Dream inside my overcoat.


Charming, we have to vote tomorrow, what a pathetic election.

I will consider leaving the country if a certain individual ousts the current situation – not that I’m a particularly strong fan of the current situation, infact I dare say my vote will be elsewhere altogether.


This is not a paid advertisement (but, hey a free pair of shoes wouldn’t go amis!)

Just would like to applaud this website: Shoe Metro. I just bought a pair of Keen boots for a very reasonable price, they took all of 3 days to get to me and they fit perfectly. Postage was approximately $35 (to Australia). They have a  wide range of good quality brands with a variety of sizes (limited depending on the shoe). Being size 6.5-7 is a good thing in the shoe world.

After a long period of buying cheap shoes I have worked out that it is not worth my while, so am endeavoring to change. It is both better on the wallet in the long run and better for sustainability.

So the Keens are super.

The problem is, now I’m eyeing off these ones.

Or in red. I can’t decide. They are both lovely. And if I buy another pair now Geoff will get angry 😀 They’re only $20 each! Pity that postage isn’t free or I would be there!

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