One thing a day

Talking round the dinner table. Em and her friend Blair were going to see a movie – mum to the shops. I thought briefly of what I wrote/was thinking about earlier and decided to go along.
Was sitting in the car and mum said something that seemed really, I mean really uncharacteristic – ‘oh good, I haven’t done anything with you for ages’ – mental jaw drop.

Anyway, despite the normal shopping thing, coffee at Gloria Jeans. I did finally manage to do something I’d been a very hesitant to do before, what I’ve been delaying on for months. What I’ve been told I should, and know I should talk to them about… and while wandering through the toy aisle in Kmart let her know about the whole Mon situation, impersonalising it as I knew I would, but probably not as much as if I’d tried.

I was thinking of that thing this morning of that stupid little adage: ‘do one thing a day that scares you’.
well that was it.

Let me add kind to the list of stuff about Mum.

woah. I just realised… a few weeks back I asked God to start showing me the things (small things) he does everyday, no wonder things have been blaring obvious lately.
🙂 I think he’s amusing himself with my life and frankly I don’t mind one bit.

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