Went to the Mellows for tea tonight, Uncle James was there.

Explaining SITAG to people… usually I don’t try, they don’t ask. Strange having something so central to your life and so different from everyone else.

SITAG – Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group
my family
my friends
my home

The adults become your Uncles and Aunts – hence Uncle James, Uncle Greg, Aunt(y) Heather. Familiarity, second families, friends all in one.

Worth saying something about the Mellows, didn’t just know them through the Solmons, we grew up with them. We have photos of Laura, Emily and I with Phillip when he was about 3.

Greg, Heather, Phillip (17 this year), and the twins – Leon and Kevin (15 this year)

It’s so unbelieveably nice to walk into somewhere – even if you haven’t seen them for ages and be so completely at ease. It’s as if I know how to have fun with them which sounds awkwardly strange even to my ears.

The twins… it’s as if they never change. Well they do – hearing Leon’s voice at the breaking stage 🙂 Full of questions as always.
Phillip’s changed. I’ve always got along w/ Phil really well. It’s like there’s this unknown, nonspecific understanding b/w us. I really would one day like to sit down and have a decent conv. with him. Funny guy, but he’s got a serious side – I’ve seen it.

We got to talking a bit about the Solomons. Not a lot. Just how we could all sit around every afternoon for months on end, playing cards in the ERC, or building mud houses in Cliffside and not get bored.
The Carters, the Mellows, Us, Nathan Lee, all the others who were in town.

Small things that set you apart… Blair (em’s friend who was w/ us) said something about Celebrities, some game. I’m, “I don’t know enough” and I had agreeance from Phillip in that he didn’t either.
What’s not important being an MK.

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