Dragon Scales (unabridged)

And yesterday’s topic comes up today. I should be starting to know you’ll do that God. Why don’t we expect these things? CL was a blur most of today, but Intro to C. Belief – that’s where things hit home… its usually the other way around.

Rowan read Eustaces dragon story from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (CS Lewis). About the dragon scales been peeled away. His attempt to do taht own his own. We were looking at salvation and R drew a diagram that just made a heap of sense. At first it was just one U moving from creation>fall/birth to sin>exile>death>Jesus>life>salvation/forgiveness> etc… > new creation. Anyway, in further exploring sanctification the U became U with lots of smaller U’s. The small U’s being areas where we have maybe been through stuff before, but haven’t quite got a reality yet of what it means. It hit home taht this is what’s happening. My arrow is labelled ‘past’ although I dont really know why. However, this is part of santification, part of the process and for that I am thankful.
Funny how the obvious things haven’t been lately, and the smaller things so blatantly clear.

1 Cor 1:18 … we are continually being saved. As Eustaces dragon scales hurt when they were ripped from his body, it’s not a painless process. It needs to happen.

I am being saved
And my hope is in my creator who is working in me
To renew me over and over.
Tirelessly he walks with me through the valleys
And will be with me until his purpose for me is complete
And I am made full and fully known.
Even then he will always be,
My strength, my hope, my God.

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